Yesenia Hipolito

Proud founder of Overnight Blowout

Elevate Your Beauty Experience with Overnight Blowout.

Embarking on this hair journey has been nothing short of a personal passion for me, and I’m thrilled to share it with you. Through my dedication, I’ve crafted hair extension products that truly resonate, catering to the unique needs of each visitor. Yesenia, an individual on this journey with you, is committed to bringing you formulations based on both science and heart. I want these to be your go-to essentials, seamlessly fitting into your daily haircare routine, becoming your trusted travel companion, and ultimately, enhancing the beauty of your hair over time. Here’s to keeping your hair happy, healthy, and radiantly nourished.

Yesenia Hipolito

From the small town of Madera, California, Yesenia Hipolito has carved a unique path in the digital world as a dynamic influencer and successful entrepreneur. With a lifelong passion for hair and beauty, she is the proud founder of Overnight Blowout, a brand that resonates with her commitment to self-care and empowerment.

Yesenia’s journey isn’t just about external beauty; it’s deeply rooted in personal growth and community upliftment. Alongside her mother, she established ‘Conscious Club Collective, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering personal development. This initiative offers transformative workshops aimed at helping both adults and youth overcome limiting beliefs shaped by past experiences. Through these workshops, participants are empowered to shed unproductive influences and unleash their true potential, positively impacting not only their lives but also those of their families and communities.

A fervent advocate for mental health and self-improvement’, Yesenia’s mission extends beyond her entrepreneurial ventures. She is dedicated to guiding individuals on a journey of becoming the best versions of themselves, starting from within. Her message is clear: transformation and fulfillment are within everyone’s reach, and she’s here to light the way.

Overnight Blowout

Conscious Club Collective

Hair extensions I use...

I trust and use Glam Seamless & Bellami hair extensions for their quality and versatility. They blend seamlessly and offer the perfect match for my hair, ensuring a natural and flawless look.